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Adam Moody at Tap NY 2016 beer fest

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Ok, now that you are taken care of – a little bit more about us.

Trail running near Mueller State Park Colorado

Training run near Mueller State Park (west of Pikes Peak) in Colorado.


Jeney Wierman is a biophysics graduate student at Cornell in Ithaca, NY. She works primarily with protein structure analysis through the use of synchrotron generated x-rays. As you can imagine, this takes up a bit of her time. So currently she is only training for long distance trail ultramarathons, trying to help figure out how to rebuild a flooded basement, and attempting to keep a vegetable garden under control.



Adam Moody is an SEO and business development specialist with a background in applied physics. Don’t worry, he’s not entirely sure how that worked out either! He is currently working with Semantic Mastery and website development / optimization in Ithaca, NY, and in between eating, drinking, and running, is busy finding new trails, planning new trips, and learning more about conversion optimization (funnels!).


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