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Winter Trail Running Is Here – 2016

Winter trail running is here! Well, it’s “here” for me! We got a good amount last week and there’s still a bit on the trails in the hills. So – what are your winter trail running plans? For those of you in warmer climates, it may not mean much of a change…or does it? I […]

Running Downhill, Or, How Not To Die

  Some people seem like they just run faster downhills…Is there really anything you can do to “bomb” down the trails like you see others doing? Well – yes and no! The good news is that there is certainly steps you can take to improve your downhill game. Even if it’s just to complete a […]

Running Trail Races By Yourself

Following up on last week’s discussion about long training runs and how to safely plan them out with self supported aid, we talked this week about trail races that you do without a support crew. If you’re not familiar with support crew, it’s basically 1 or more people that meet you at a point, or […]

Long Run Training And Self Support

Getting in those long runs is essential for being able to run longer distances – and while the physical portion of the training can be difficult enough (and fun!) there’s more to it than just hitting the road or trail and running for several hours at a time. Something we quickly discovered as we were […]

Planning Trail Runs And Trips With Family And Friends

It’s not always easy to plan on trip or a long trail run when you take into consideration family and friends, is it? Sometimes it’s a matter of timing or maybe it’s just that they might not understand why you want to get up at 5 am to go running for several hours… The good […]

How To Map Your Trail Run – Quick & Easy

Knowing how to map out a trail run has all sorts of advantages and once you know how to do it you can make it out, get elevation data, and more in just a few minutes. There’s no reason not to and you’ll get a lot of good information before your run about elevation changes, […]

Trail Races Can Take Off The Pressure And Bring Back Joy

For anyone that has been running on trails for more than a short period, I’m sure you can identify with the following anecdotes from a road runner turned trail runner. The vast majority of trail runners I know started out running on the road. That’s not to say that they didn’t run trails, but the […]

The Manitou Incline – Tough Trail!

Tough trails? Sure, we like them! And strangely enough, the last time we were in Colorado Springs, we somehow missed out on this brutal mile long climb up an old railroad bed that has been drawing in runners and hikers for the past few decades after the rail shut down in 1990. We’ve also been […]

Western States 100 Finish Shows Difference From Most Running

I’m sure that by now everyone has heard at least once that the 2016 Western States first place finisher was a bit of a surprise! While I feel for getting sidetracked on a course and losing time – I do like to see that it still impacts races like these (hopefully the lost time wasn’t […]

10 Inspiring Instagram Runners to Follow ASAP

Ok, we do have an Instagram account – it gets updated pretty regularly too! Although it’s mostly when we’re travelling and coming across new trails or races. It’s a handy way to see what’s going on all over the place and so far we’re pretty happy with the pics we’ve seen…maybe a little jealous that […]