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Confession: I secretly prefer trail racing – So Do We!

It’s always interesting to see and hear other people’s take on trail running – why did you start? For most of us, trail running wasn’t the first type of running we did…sure, a lot of us may have run around the woods as kids (or adults!) but I’m willing to bet that most people weren’t […]

Central Oregon Trail Runners And Visitors Have A New Resource For 50 Runs Near Bend

Heading to eastern Oregon, or specifically Bend? If so, you’ve got a great new resource available! While Bend and the surrounding area has long been known as a great place for outdoor activities from trail running to rafting and skiing and more, sometimes it can be tough for a person new to the area or […]

Trail Running Car Equipment List

Being prepared isn’t just for Boy Scouts – having the right gear at the right time can help you out or keep you out of dangerous situations when you’re trail running. Luckily, most of the time it isn’t life or death, but having that one thing in your car or truck can make your run […]

Heat Training for Western States

Anyone looking at races in high temps that they aren’t used to? You could probably learn a thing or two from this write up on personal heat training for the Western States. We’ve all been in races where we felt like we were wilting or just plain dehydrated, but prepping for a 100 mile race […]

Trail Running Around Portland, OR

If you are looking for some great opportunities for trails near a major city (or IN one) and a close proximity to some major trail systems, Portland, OR, should be on your list of destinations. Not only can you go running right near the city center easily with or without a vehicle of your own, […]

15th annual Summit Trail Running Series Breckenridge

Looking for a trail run in the Breckenridge, CO, area? You’re in luck – although the first race has already passed. So, now’s the time to get signed up and get some miles logged in an amazing area. Having run through some of the trails nearby and hiked in the Breckenridge neighborhood, I would highly […]

5 secrets to running long distances, by obese Hongkonger turned ultrarunner – South China Morning Post

Ever wonder how some people end up getting into ultra running and what their running and training looks like? An interesting study is Andre Blumberg – a man who was very over weight and has recently completed some incredible races on a training schedule that most people would consider fairly bizarre. It goes to show […]

Entry point to Finger Lakes Trail In Upstate NY

Finding a Good Running Trail

Wondering how you will find a good running trail? This short article will help you in you’re in a slump, need a new trail, or are somewhere new and just need to get out and about. There’s been a lot of great articles written about this, although I think that trails represent a bit different […]

Moosejaw Virtual Reality Gear App

It appears that there will soon be a pretty interesting intersection of technology ¬†and the trail running world – and many other niche sport areas. Moosejaw, an online reseller of outdoor goods, has put together an interesting experience for it’s customers that is something we would ideally like to see more of in the future. […]

Beach Running – How To Make It Burn While Staying Flat

Ok, summertime is pretty much upon us and although a lot of trail runners are looking at the calendar and thinking about what events they can schedule in during the coming months, some of you will probably be heading out for vacations with the family or friends. Sometimes this can mean an exciting chance to […]