Central Oregon Trail Runners And Visitors Have A New Resource For 50 Runs Near Bend

Heading to eastern Oregon, or specifically Bend? If so, you’ve got a great new resource available! While Bend and the surrounding area has long been known as a great place for outdoor activities from trail running to rafting and skiing and more, sometimes it can be tough for a person new to the area or […]

Trail Running Car Equipment List

Being prepared isn’t just for Boy Scouts – having the right gear at the right time can help you out or keep you out of dangerous situations when you’re trail running. Luckily, most of the time it isn’t life or death, but having that one thing in your car or truck can make your run […]

Moosejaw Virtual Reality Gear App

It appears that there will soon be a pretty interesting intersection of technology ¬†and the trail running world – and many other niche sport areas. Moosejaw, an online reseller of outdoor goods, has put together an interesting experience for it’s customers that is something we would ideally like to see more of in the future. […]

Gait Re-training App Runcadence

I’ve been working on my cadence for the past several months after conversations with several runners and some well known trail runners. All of them said the same thing – keeping your cadence high helps your running in many ways. The most important is the lower load or force of impact from keeping steps shorter. […]

We’re Gear Nerds Too: Garmin FR735XT Triathlon Watch With DC Rainmaker

Ok, we’re also into gear, but we’re not even going to try to do a better review of GPS gear than this! If you’re not familiar with his blog, you need to check out this quick overview and then hop over there for some awesome and in depth reviews of all things GPS watch. We’ve […]