10 Inspiring Instagram Runners to Follow ASAP

Ok, we do have an Instagram account – it gets updated pretty regularly too! Although it’s mostly when we’re travelling and coming across new trails or races. It’s a handy way to see what’s going on all over the place and so far we’re pretty happy with the pics we’ve seen…maybe a little jealous that […]

Spring Is Slowly Appearing!

Yesterday was a great alignment of weather and a Saturday. I was able to get out and run about 25 miles on trails with some friends in good weather. It’s the kind of day that nearly made just for trail running – started out cool and slowly rose to about 55F – 60F with some […]

Trail Running – Beautiful Images From Upstate NY

We were going through our images looking for some good shots to use and we have a great problem… There are a ton of amazing shots that we’ve taken over the past several years on trails all over upstate NY. Not just in upstate, but the majority have come from this area as we’ve spent […]