Running Trail Races By Yourself

Following up on last week’s discussion about long training runs and how to safely plan them out with self supported aid, we talked this week about trail races that you do without a support crew. If you’re not familiar with support crew, it’s basically 1 or more people that meet you at a point, or […]

Western States 100 Finish Shows Difference From Most Running

I’m sure that by now everyone has heard at least once that the 2016 Western States first place finisher was a bit of a surprise! While I feel for getting sidetracked on a course and losing time – I do like to see that it still impacts races like these (hopefully the lost time wasn’t […]

15th annual Summit Trail Running Series Breckenridge

Looking for a trail run in the Breckenridge, CO, area? You’re in luck – although the first race has already passed. So, now’s the time to get signed up and get some miles logged in an amazing area. Having run through some of the trails nearby and hiked in the Breckenridge neighborhood, I would highly […]

A Punishing Race: Ridgway rocks for 20-mile dash

If you’re located in the PA area, or will be in August, there’s an interesting race that is well worth checking out. With a non-standard 20 mile distance and no time cutoff, there’s a lot of people interested in this longer-ish run with a good amount of elevation gain through some very bumpy terrain: On […]