Central Oregon Trail Runners And Visitors Have A New Resource For 50 Runs Near Bend

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Heading to eastern Oregon, or specifically Bend? If so, you’ve got a great new resource available!

While Bend and the surrounding area has long been known as a great place for outdoor activities from trail running to rafting and skiing and more, sometimes it can be tough for a person new to the area or on a quick visit to find the good places to head to.

For avid trail runner Lucas Alberg, half the fun of an adventure on the trails is the anticipation and planning. His ideal Saturday morning is sitting down with a cup of coffee and a couple of maps, pondering to what scenic, majestic terrain his feet might lead him that day.

I know the feeling! I love sitting down on a Thursday or Friday and looking over what trails we can hit or where we should go on our next trip…

That realization motivated him to research and write what is apparently the first guide book for Central Oregon trail running. Three years and many miles in the making, “Trail Running Bend and Central Oregon” was released last month by Wilderness Press.

The book includes 50 loop options for trail running, all of them within 65 miles of Bend. The routes range from 3 to 17 miles and average about 6 to 8 miles, and all are targeted to the typical trail runner.

Having this many options within an hour or so of Bend is awesome! When we visited last year we did some quick trips near the city center (short trip!) but with this book we may have been able to stop at a trail on the way in or out of town.

Alberg, 37, says his goals for the book were to provide that first-of-a-kind resource for area trail runners, make them feel safe and comfortable running outside of their typical spots, and lastly, motivate runners to explore and enjoy all the special places that Central Oregon offers. Central Oregon trail runners have a new resource; Book includes 50 loop options, all within 65 miles of Bend

That’s a great reason to write the book and we all benefit – so if you’re going to head to Bend in the near future do yourself a favor and pick up this book. We’ll be grabbing a copy the next time we head out west and are looking to head into eastern Oregon.

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You can find the book on Amazon here.