Moosejaw Virtual Reality Gear App

It appears that there will soon be a pretty interesting intersection of technology  and the trail running world – and many other niche sport areas.

Moosejaw, an online reseller of outdoor goods, has put together an interesting experience for it’s customers that is something we would ideally like to see more of in the future.

While full on video isn’t necessarily needed, it’s a pretty awesome feature that we’re looking forward to check out:

The Moosejaw Virtual Reality App offers a unique experience, delivering breathtaking interactive landscapes filmed with 360-degree cameras in Moab, Utah. In a bold move, Moosejaw has put substantial development behind the project and is hoping to see 100,000 downloads to engage outdoor consumers in a whole new way.

These experiences are legit. World famous climbers helped with the rock climb shoot, the trail running video follows a rad trail in southern Utah, and the hiking one sets up camp on an awesome red rock ledge. Each is three to four minutes long and can be enjoyed, according to Moosejaw, “while still in your underwear.”

This is a great example of technology being used by a company to help drive traffic and customers but done in a way that benefits us too. We would all love to see gear in action – from shoes to packs, to see how it actually looks and handles while in use on a real person. Seeing something in a store or webpage is nice, but it’s another thing to see it out on the trail being put to use.

The video is clear, the gear is high-end, and it truly makes you want to book a flight to Utah. For an even more immersive experience, grab a Moosejaw Google Cardboard (free at with any purchase), slide your phone in the back, and look through the lens at a three-dimensional southern Utah.

The Virtual Reality App was launched as a fun engagement, but also as a unique vehicle to show the company’s 2016 Summer Catalog, which reflects its bigger investment in the gear category and the launch of the Moosejaw clothing line. Moosejaw Launches ‘Virtual Reality’ Outdoors App

Seems like a good reason for us to hop over to Moosejaw and see if there’s something we need…or want – a free Google Cardboard viewer sounds like fun and a 3D look at this app would be great.

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We’re looking forward to more retailers offering options like this for gear from many different areas. The possibilities are endless and it seems like a great way for the average runner, and especially those far from a store, to get a good look at gear as it is being put to use.

Would you use this type of app?