Trail Running Car Equipment List

Being prepared isn’t just for Boy Scouts – having the right gear at the right time can help you out or keep you out of dangerous situations when you’re trail running.

Luckily, most of the time it isn’t life or death, but having that one thing in your car or truck can make your run MUCH better – or make yourself more comfortable afterwards.

So, in order to kick this off, take a look at the current list of “must have’s” for my 4runner:

  • Medical Tape for nipples. I will not leave the house without this stuff anymore. I’ve had enough close calls and uncomfortable days that I keep it in the bathroom, my car, and Jeney’s car. ¬†You cannipple tape for running in the glove box of car see the stuff I use on our resources page here.
  • Water. Lots of water. I have a milk crate in the back of my 4runner where I keep 3 gallon jugs of water and a few other items to keep the jugs from crashing around. Those extra items are…
  • Baby wipes. I don’t often use these, but from time to time I’ll be pressed for time or have to cool my heels for a bit and it’s nice to be able to clean off a bit. Even being able to wipe off the dried salt can make a big difference in comfort.
  • Jacket. This is more of a safety issue for winter, but I keep it in the crate to stop things from rattling around year round and like having it there in case I need something as a last ditch effort to warm up in the event of cold weather or destroyed clothing.
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This list could be longer, but I consider those to be the bare minimum, and if I had to narrow it down I would say that water is the most essential with the nipple tape coming in a close second.

I’ve been on enough runs where we ran out of water or came close to know better than to drive anywhereExtra water in back of the car for trail runs¬†further than a few minutes from a water source without bringing some extra.

Depending on your particular situation and any medical issues your list might be slightly different. Oh, and whether or not you need to cover your nipples – I’m just thankful I haven’t had an issue like some people I’ve seen at races with full on blood dripping down their shirts. HOW DO THEY KEEP MOVING?!?

Ok, that’s my list – what’s in your car?