New Trail To Check Out: Rock Creek Park Loop, Washington DC

If you’re looking for a run in the Washington DC area and want to get away from the busy roads of the downtown capitol area, you’ve luckily got a few choices.

While we haven’t yet run a trail ourselves in that exact area, we did come across this quick trail assessment that just might help you out:

A complete natural escape from the busy streets of Washington, DC. The rugged and rocky terrain of the Valley Trail – South, and the smooth horse trail of the Western Ridge Trail, make for a solid run in the middle of the nation’s capitol.

Total Ascent: 484 feet

Highest Elevation: 305 feet Trail of the Week: Rock Creek Park Loop, Washington DC |

So – the next time you are in DC get out there and check out this trail. Just be sure to let us know if you find it a good run and why!


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