Spring Is Slowly Appearing!

Yesterday was a great alignment of weather and a Saturday. I was able to get out and run about 25 miles on trails with some friends in good weather.

It’s the kind of day that nearly made just for trail running – started out cool and slowly rose to about 55F – 60F with some sunshine early and then cloud cover when it was warmer.

We were on the move for most of the time, but I did manage to snap this one picture near Buttermilk Falls in Ithaca, NY:

The Dam At Lake Treman Buttermilk Falls

You come across this dam once you are above Buttermilk Falls, about 2 miles from the parking lot and maybe 700 or so feet of elevation gain later.

The area has seen a lot of washouts due to rains and general winter weather around here, but the trails are in good shape and very runable. The route we took is basically the Cayuga Trails 50 course, but just a single out and back for 25 miles.

Looking forward now to some tree / leaf cover for the hotter days – the trees are just starting to bud around here.

In a few weeks we’ll be headed to Illinois and will be keeping our eyes peeled for some trails to run out there…new territory!

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