15th annual Summit Trail Running Series Breckenridge


Looking for a trail run in the Breckenridge, CO, area?

You’re in luck – although the first race has already passed. So, now’s the time to get signed up and get some miles logged in an amazing area.

Having run through some of the trails nearby and hiked in the Breckenridge neighborhood, I would highly suggest looking into these events!

The trail series celebrates its 15th season this summer with six stops, each of which wraps through Breckenridge and surrounding forests. Although it’s a race format in design, competition is certainly not the sole purpose.

“It’s very open to all of the ages and very welcoming,” five-year series veteran Ksusha Shambarger said. “Offering different distances is also something that’s very helpful.”

Each race comes with a short and long course option, which makes the event enjoyable for runners at any level. The trails get progressively longer over the course of the season, capping off with the formidable 8K/14K finale at Carter Park.

Having a wide range of distances really helps draw a crowd – not just people that don’t normally run, but trail runners in between events that want to get out but maybe aren’t looking for a long distance race and many more.

Having the social aspect of these races is great and a fun change from the more serious races of the season.

With six races, the series aspect fosters a great social environment. Seeing familiar faces throughout a summer unites the local running community, building bonds and friendships between pounding the trail. This is what separates the local series from your normal one-and-done type format, and it is a big reason the event has continued to grow in popularity.

Race 1 — French Gulch 4K/6K, June 8 at 6 p.m. 15th annual Summit Trail Running Series debuts at French Gulch

Will you be in the Colorado mountains for these events? Sign up and share your experience!

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