Running Trail Races By Yourself

Following up on last week’s discussion about long training runs and how to safely plan them out with self supported aid, we talked this week about trail races that you do without a support crew.

If you’re not familiar with support crew, it’s basically 1 or more people that meet you at a point, or points, on the course to give you water, food, or anything else you might need (and have hopefully given them beforehand!).

This isn’t something that you generally see on courses at the half marathon and below distance – mostly due to the shorter time requirements and the fact that most people can carry or go without much more than water and a little food for that type of distance and time.

However, once you start getting up to longer distances it becomes more important to have things figured out before hand with a plan in place to get you through the day.

Having a good drop bag in place, for example, can really turn your day around or help you continue to sail on down the trail.

On the opposite end, missing some critical items can be a problem…

In the end, a lot of this is based on what you personally need – so you’ll figure it out over time and with a bit of planning you’ll get the process down.

Check out the replay video above to hear about how we do it and some recommendations we have for you.

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