Planning Trail Runs And Trips With Family And Friends

It’s not always easy to plan on trip or a long trail run when you take into consideration family and friends, is it? Sometimes it’s a matter of timing or maybe it’s just that they might not understand why you want to get up at 5 am to go running for several hours…

The good news is that it doesn’t always have to be difficult and there are a lot of ways you can involve others in your trail running adventures so that trips don’t seem so “you” focused and so they might even be excited to come out in the future!

Now, we know that some families really do enjoy coming out for events and traveling to trails – and this information is also useful for them. After all, don’t you want them to enjoy themselves as much as possible and have their own adventures?

You can get some great ideas by watching the video above – some of the best ideas include:

  • Involving others in the planning – maybe finding a couple main activities and sending them the links before the trip and ask them what they think
  • Go on a hike or walk with them and then take off on your run
  • Same as above, but run in a loop or out and back manner so that you see them more than once
  • For children, if they are old enough, ask them what activities they know about in the area (if they’ve never been, it’s good time for them to start researching!).

The bottom line is that getting everyone involved helps give them “ownership” and makes them really feel like a part of the trip or team – which they are!

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